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ROCK PAINTING TUTORIAL #8 - "The Candy Corn Family" - Happy Halloween!

Hi and thank you for being here for this Halloween rock painting tutorial!

"The Candy Corn Family"


 Before you begin

with the detailed STEP #’s below, you should do the following…

1.  Find a rock you want to paint, making sure it's the right size and shape for this project.  You will probably want to use a triangular shaped rock for the candy corns.  Wash and dry your rock(s).  If you need help finding rocks to paint, click this link.

2.  Once you select a rock and after it is washed and dried, paint the surface with two coats of white acrylic paint with a foam paint brush.

If you have completed the steps above, you are ready to move on to the DIRECTIONS section below.  Are you ready?  Let's go paint a Halloween candy corn rock! 



1.    Log into your favorite search engine and type 'cute painted rock faces.'  I used PINTEREST and here are some of the results I got...

Search results for 'cute painted rock faces' on Pinterest

You can also save an image like this one using the method outlined below.
Using the 'Save image as' as you hover over the image by 'right clicking' 
on it.  Save it on your computer as a JPEG, then crop the face you
want to use and print it out on to paper, then use tracing paper
to transfer the face onto the face of your rock.

Continuing on...

2.   We will be using a simple copy and paste method to print your image from a word processing document as outlined below...

When you see the picture you would like to use, place your mouse over the image and 'left click' as you hover over it.   It will appear larger at the top of the page.   Now hover over the larger version of your image and 'right click' on the image (see picture below)

As you can see in this picture, 'Copy image' is highlighted
as you hover over the larger image at the top of the page.

3.   Open up a blank word processing document and 'Paste' your image into the document.  See the picture below.

Make your margins larger in the 'Picture Format'
command at the top of the WP document

To learn more about how to resize your 'cute painted rock face' image, watch the video below...

Halloween Rock Painting Tutorial

"How to Download & Print an Image to Trace onto a Rock"

4.   Trace your Halloween faces onto your rocks surface with Scotch tape securing a piece of graphite tracing paper in between the rock and the image...

Supplies for Step 4

Rocks ready to be traced

5.   After tracing the images onto the rocks, remove the both the graphite paper and the image that you traced and paint the rock with acrylic paints in the candy corn colors.  Use paint pens and Sharpies for the details of the faces.

6.   After your rock dries completely, spray with a weather resistant acrylic sealer at least three times, allowing it to dry in between coats.

How I Started Painting on Rocks

Kids Love Painting on Rocks



Paint Tray

Transfer Paper

Rocks for Painting

Foam Paint Brushes (for painting background)

White Acrylic Paint

Orange Acrylic Paint

Yellow Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint Assorted Colors

Scotch Tape

Black Fine Point Sharpies

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Supplies Sidenote:   Not all of the above products will be needed for this particular tutorial. I have linked to some supplies that I use in my rock paintings so that you can have access to some of my favorite products, but you can find most of these in your local craft store.

Some of my PINTEREST boards that may interest my crafty friends:

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