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How to Paint a Rock - "Transferring a Dover Flower Publications Image to a Rock's Surface"

Hi and thank you for your interest in this rock painting tutorial. This post will explain how to transfer a flower image to a rock's surface.

After the ink from the image is transferred, you can embellish the transfer with ink pens or acrylic paints to make it uniquely your own painting like the one pictured below...

In the video below I will demonstrate how to use water and a paint brush to go over the image that has been dried face down onto the surface of the rock.

Before this video begins, the rock's surface had been painted with two coats of white acrylic paint and dried before transferring the flower print (from Dover Publications).

The flower print was dried face down onto the rock's surface using the basic directions as outlined below this paragraph.

1) Print a picture of flowers from your computer from an inkjet printer. To make this easier, I have linked an article directly below outlining this process which you may want to go over before moving on to Step 2... Learn How to Find Pictures on Your Computer, Resize and Print from a WP Document 2) After reading the article directly above, use a paint brush to coat your rock's surface with white acrylic paint for the third time (it should already be coated and dried twice with the white paint). DO NOT LET IT DRY before moving on to Step 3.

3) Using a paint brush, directly coat the (inked side) printed image you are going to transfer with Mod Podge. While the Mod Podge is still wet, place the image onto the (third coat of) wet white acrylic paint (refer to Step 2 above).

So, just to reiterate... you will be using a wet coat of Mod Podge spread out onto the paper image itself and transferring it face down onto a (third) coat of wet white acrylic paint that is on the rock's surface. 4) Let the image dry thoroughly onto the rock's surface for a few hours. 5) Using a clean paintbrush and water, coat the back of the image (the non-inked side). You will see the colors of the image show through the paper.

This is what you want to happen. Let the water dry, and coat it again. Let it dry in between coats at least 6-10 more times. (Please refer to the video above to see this process demonstrated). 6) Making sure you have completed Step 5 above a few times, you will probably have already started to see the paper roll off the rock surface in small pills to reveal the ink that has dried into the white paint. 7) Regular computer paper comes in about 7 layers so this will be evident because you will see that every time you go over the surface with water that the pills, or little wet rolls of paper, will become a little larger every time. Use your index finger to very gently roll the wet paper off to reveal as much of the colorful ink as possible before you paint it. 8) Use your art markers or paints to go over the image that's been revealed and create your own unique flower painting by adding color and definition to base image. There are many ways to transfer images from paper to a hard surface. Transferring an image is fairly easy if you do it with the method in this video. Inkjet images are actually the best for this method.

If you don't have a color printer, you can also use a black and white image and refer to a picture on a computer screen for guidance on what colors to embellish your project with after it is transferred to your rock.


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