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ROCK PAINTING TUTORIAL #13 - "Daisy Fairy Rock"

 Daisy Fairy Rock

Thank you for joining me for this rock painting tutorial which I call my "Daisy Fairy Rock"!  I hope that you will find it fun and informative.  I hope it inspires you to create a rock of your own.

Even if you are someone who thinks "But I can't paint" don't worry, you can!  I promise that if you follow the DIRECTIONS outlined below, you will be able to create a rock just like the one pictured here...

 Daisy Fairy Rock
by nancymaggielee



(Do these steps before you begin the DIRECTIONS below)

1.   Find a rock you want to paint, making sure it's the right size and shape for your image.  Wash and dry your rock.  If you need help on where to find rocks to paint, click this link.

2.  Once you select a rock, paint the surface with two coats of white acrylic paint with a foam paint brush.

3.  Select a picture you would like on your rock, download it to a word processing document and resize it in WP to fit your rock.  Read the blog post below to get more detailed instructions for doing this...

"Learn How to Find and Print Pictures after Downloading into Word Processing Documents

or if you prefer, you can watch the video below...

"How to Find an Image, Resize and Download it to Print"

Please note:  The picture being downloaded (in the above video) for transfer to another surface is not specifically for this tutorial, "Daisy Fairy Rock", however, the process will be the same and you will search for a term in PINTEREST like "daisy flower fairy" in the search box to make a rock like the one in this tutorial.  

4.  After your image has been copy and pasted into the WP document (refer to STEP 3 above), place your mouse over the image and click on the image to get the black outline around the image.  Using the 'Format Picture' keys at the top of the WP page, flip your image horizontally as you will be drying your image face down onto your rock's surface.  

5.  Once it's flipped horizontally, print your image out onto a regular piece of computer paper using your print commands.  Also, please make sure to select 'Best' for the quality of the print because you want the most ink on the paper.

6.  Throughout this tutorial you will see underlined terms.  By clicking on any of these links, it will bring you to further information about the item, video or article.  As a disclaimer, if you click through to an affiliate link, yes, I will earn a small commission at no cost to you so thank you in advance if you do this.  


You may want to read the articles or watch the videos I have linked directly below this picture before you start your project.  This may be very helpful to give you a general overview of this process before you begin...


The following videos and articles in this section may be helpful to watch or read before you begin also.

You may find some of the same videos and articles linked throughout in the STEPS, but I just wanted to group them together as a reference point for you...

"Where Can I Find Rocks to Paint/Gathering Supplies"

"Learn How to Find and Print Pictures after Downloading into Word Processing Documents

How to Transfer an Image to a Rock Using White Acrylic Paint and Mod Podge

"How to Transfer an Image"


Now that you have your picture printed on computer paper, you are ready to begin the DIRECTIONS below.  So, if you have completed some or all of the steps above you are ready to begin!

Are you ready to paint a beautiful fairy rock???  Let’s go! …



STEP #1:

   Transfer the image you are going to use

Transferring the image to your rock is a very easy process.  It does require a few steps within this step, but once the image is on the rock, you will be able to embellish itdesign it and color it anyway you like to make it your own unique rock painting.

"How to Use White Acrylic Paint to Prepare the Rock for Transfer"

Please note:  The picture being used in the video above for transfer to another surface is not the one used for this tutorial, "Daisy Fairy Rock", however, the process is the same.  The steps that you need to follow (Parts 2, 3 and 4) after this video (Part 1) will be linked in the Description Box of the above video and they will also be linked in the STEPS below.

First, you will need to find an image you want to transfer See the article linked directly below this paragraph for instruction on how to find a picture and download it to a word processing document.  (This is also mentioned in the preliminary steps above, but I just wanted to place it here too since someone might have skipped those steps).

Learn How to Find and Print Pictures after Downloading into Word Processing Documents” (click this link to be taken to the article).

 After you have found the image, you are going to transfer, you will print it out onto computer paper (see Preliminary Steps 4 and 5 above).

Here is the picture (from Pinterest) that I used for this project...

"Daisy Flower Fairy"

(The Scentless Mayweed Fairy)

I found this image in PINTEREST by typing "flower fairies" in the Search bar.
The image shown above has already been flipped horizontally in my WP document
 as you can see the letters are reversed at the bottom of the image.
Remember to flip your image horizontally before printing.

For great gifts, please visit my ZAZZLE store...

STEP #2:

   Printing your image and transferring the picture to your rock

From word processing, print the image out onto the computer paper, let it dry for at least about two or three minutes.  

Paint your rock’s surface with two coats of white acrylic paint, allowing each coat to dry in between.

Next, paint another coat of white acrylic paint onto your rock surface.  However, do NOT let this coat dry before the next step (more about this in Step #3 below).

STEP #3:

   Place the printed paper image onto rock’s surface to dry

Place another coat of white acrylic paint directly onto your picture's surface (inked side).   I know this may seem wrong, as if you were covering up the picture, but trust me.

Now as in Step #2 above, the rock's surface is pre-painted and dried with two coats of white acrylic paint and now a third coat of white paint has been applied and left wet. 

While both the rock’s surface and the picture's surface are wet with their respective coats of white paint, turn the image upside down to position the inked side (which is currently wet with the white paint) onto the rock’s surface (which is currently wet with white paint).

Try not to move the paper at all because this will smudge the ink.  Once it is in place, secure the paper to the rock using Scotch tape to hold it steady so that it won’t slip.  Rub the back side of the paper gently with your fingertips and smooth out the paper.  Make sure every part of the inked surface of the picture is touching the rock’s surface.

Watch the two videos below if you would like more details and to see it visually...  (please note the pictures in the videos below are different from the one being used in this tutorial but the process is the same).

"Applying the Paint to the Image and to the Rock to Dry"

"Placing the Image to Dry into the Paint"

Please note:  The picture being used in the above videos, are not the one being
 used for this tutorial, "Daisy Fairy Rock", however, the process is the same.

Let your image dry overnight into the white paint.

After it is dry, take a spray bottle of water and spray the back of the image while it is on the rock.  Let it dry.

Do this step of wetting the image and letting it dry over and over again at least 7 times, but preferrably 10.

(The reason the above is in large print is because this is a very important step to this process, and it does require some patience.  However, I must stress that you need to do this step thoroughly to get the best possible transfer of ink to the surface).

After about seven times of wetting and drying, you should start to see the paper start to pill up, or roll up, into little wet paper balls.

You can now VERY GENTLY roll the wet balls off with your finger tip.  You will see more about this in the video in STEP #4 below.

Now you are ready to move on to STEP #4... 

STEP #4:

Rolling off the paper and revealing the image

Watch the following video to learn how to do this... 

"How to Remove the Paper from the Image Transferred to the Rock"

STEP #5:

The fun part is finishing your rock with color

To embellish, design and color your rock use your Sharpiesart pens, or paints to add color and when it is dry, seal it with a weather resistant sealant.

You can also use flower stencils to add flowers to the background of your rock painting.  Sometimes there are empty spaces on the surface after the transfer is complete, and a simple stencil like this butterfly is a great way to add other elements to your rock to give it depth and color.

The great part about using a stencil is that you can just use a black pen or a pencil to trace the outline of the stencil image onto the rock. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you have fun painting rocks using the methods here.  You can sell these rocks on eBay or Etsy, give it away to someone special, or keep it for your own enjoyment.  These rocks look so pretty in a garden setting but make sure you seal it well if you use it outside.

And just remember that it's always great to...

“Be creative & Be happy”

SUPPLIES: (not all will be needed for this project)

Rocks for Painting

Inkjet Printer

Computer Paper

Mod Podge Matte Gel Medium

Mod Podge Gloss Lustre Medium

Painting Flowers on Rocks

White acrylic paint


Arteza Paint Pens

Sharpie Permanent Markers

Sharpie Ultra Fine Black Marker (for outlines)

Art Markers

Shuttle Art Markers

Weather Resistant Sealer

Peel and Stick Flower Stencil

Deco Art White Paint Pen

Paint Markers

Pansy Stencil

Poppy Stencil

Scotch Tape

Stencil Brushes

Sunflower Stencil

Tracing Paper


Supplies Side note:   Not all of the above products will be needed for this particular tutorial. I have linked to some supplies that I use in my rock paintings so that you can have access to some of my favorite products, but you can find most of these in your local craft store.

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