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ROCK PAINTING TUTORIAL #2 - "Gardening Animals"

Gardening Animals

Thank you for being here for this rock painting tutorial!

Gardening Animals Rock by nancymaggielee

Hello!  I'm so glad you're here!

By using my methods, anyone can learn how to paint rocks and turn them into beautiful decorative pieces of art.  I sure hope you will give it a try!

If you would like to create a rock from an image similar to my 'Gardening Animals Rock' pictured above, please refer to the DIRECTIONS section below on this page.

Here in this tutorial, I will lay out for you step by step below through outlines, video demonstrations and links to informative articles in which I will show you how I took an illustration of these cute little animals and transferred it onto a rock.

After the picture was transferred to the rock, I used art markers to color over the transferred ink to create a unique one of a kind rock painting.

Also provided below will be a list of SUPPLIES I used with links to where you can purchase them online for your convenience.  However, you will also be able to purchase most of the supplies used in this project tutorial at your local craft store like Michaels. (click for link to weekly ad coupon).  

You will not need all of the supplies included, however, I wanted to include links to additional products to give you a choice and to demonstrate the wide variety of products that can assist you in creating beautiful painted rocks.

I Paint Rocks
What's Your Superpower?
(Click link above for more info)

Before you transfer an image like the 'Gardening Animals' image, you will need to do a few things to prepare your rock for the transfer of the image...

1 Find a rock you want to paint, wash and dry your rock.

2.  Paint the rock with at least two coats of white acrylic paint.

3.  Select a picture you would like on your rock and print it out onto freezer paper.

Are you ready rock painters???  Let's get started!

Read "Learn How to Find and Print Any Picture from Your Computerto learn how you can use almost any picture you can find on the internet to transfer it to your rock.

After you find a picture you want to use, refer to the video series about "How to Transfer an Image with White Acrylic Paint and Mod Podge" (videos linked here) and also down below on this page in STEP 1.

Are you ready rock painters???  Let's get started!



Read and follow the written directions in each STEP, and watch the videos linked in each STEP below for visual demonstrations.



Watch the video below entitled...

Gardening Animals Rock Painting - PART 1 

 "How to Transfer an Image with White Paint and Mod Podge"


In the video above, I demonstrate how I transferred an image printed from my inkjet printer and transferred it onto a garden rock using white acrylic paint and Mod Podge in what I like to call my 'White Paint & Mod Podge Image Transfer' method.

Watch the video above and refer to the 'Description Box' underneath the video to learn more about the process demonstrated and to get links to other informative sites to help you paint your rock.

Some of the sites in the Description Box are also linked on this page for your convenience.

RELATED INFORMATION that you may find helpful:

"Learn How to Find and Print Any Picture from Your Computer"

"How to Transfer an Image to a Rock



Watch the video below entitled...

 Gardening Animals Rock Painting - PART 2

"Revealing the Image"


Believe it or not, a regular sheet of computer paper has many layers, approximately seven I believe.  That’s a lot of layers for a thin piece of paper!  Doesn’t seem possible, but it is true.

For this rock painting, I printed my image onto freezer paper because I have found that freezer paper gives an even better transfer of the ink to the rock's surface (as compared to regular computer paper).


"Revealing the Image" - PART 2

In the video above (PART 2), I will demonstrate how to remove the freezer paper from your rock to reveal the ink that will give you a base image to paint over.

You will have already transferred the image onto your rock when this video begins (refer to STEP #1 section above).

After you watch PART 2 above, refer to the information outlined below in this section for written instructions (numbered 1, 2 and 3) which will further detail what you will see in the video.

This is one of the first paintings I did using freezer paper to transfer the ink from the image onto the painted white surface of the rock.

However, I want to mention again here that regular computer paper will work too using the method outlined in this rock painting tutorial.  I liked the image transfer outcome with the freezer paper better, but both kinds of paper do work.

In addition, after you watch PART 2 Revealing the Image, you will also find more information in the 'Description Box' section below the video itself on my YouTube channel.

Just click the little gray arrow underneath any video to access the information and supply lists for the project.


You may want to watch "How to Make Freezer Paper Sheets for your Inkjet Printerif you haven't already done so to find out how you can make your own sheets for your printer.  But please remember that they do come in pre-cut sheets that you can purchase here.

This is what the rock's surface will look like when the paper is rolled off

 This is what the base image will look like after the paper is removed layer by layer, WOW!

Here is an outline of the steps demonstrated in PART 2 "Revealing the Image" above...

1)  After your image has dried face down onto the rock (refer to STEP 1 above), take a flat head paint brush and some clean water, and coat the image with the water allowing it to sort of saturate the back side of the image.  As you coat the image, you will see the ink start to show through and you will be able to see details of the image.  So much fun, it’s sort of like magic!

2)  Allow it to dry.  Repeat this step of coating the back side of image with water and allowing it to dry in between coats at least 5 more times (you may have to do it more than that).  After the first few times, you should see the paper starting to roll off in layers as it beads up.  You can move these pieces off the rock GENTLY with your finger but be careful not to roll too hard or you may remove the ink at this point.

Tip:  Before you roll the paper off with your finger, let it dry a bit.  In other words, don't roll with your finger when it's too saturated.  Wait about five to 10 minutes after soaking the image,

3)  After doing the above in STEP 2 numerous times, gently roll the paper off of the image using your index finger.  The ink has been transferred to the white paint!  If you followed all of these directions, you should have a good base image to add color to your rock by using your permanent markers or artistic paint pens.


How to Transfer an Image to a Rock - "Fairy & Unicorn Image Transfer Using White Paint and Water"




Watch the video below entitled...

Gardening Animals Rock Painting - PART 3

"Using Paint Markers to Apply Color"

In this video, PART 3, I will demonstrate how I use paint pens to enhance the colors on my rock creation.

After you watch PART 3 above, refer to the information outlined below in this section for written instructions (numbered 1, 2 and 3) which will further detail what you will see in the video.

Before using the paint pens to add color to the base image, I went over some of my images using a Deco Color Broad Line Opaque Paint Marker (white).  This is not a necessary step, but I like to do it this way because I feel it makes the painting my own creation.

The white paint from the marker needs to dry thoroughly before adding the color from the paint pens or Sharpies. Here is a picture of how it should look AFTER the Deco paint marker is applied and dried...

As you can see from the picture, the shiny white sections have been covered with Deco paint.

1)  After the image has been transferred, you might want to go over some of the images with an opaque paint marker.  Doing this will provide a smooth surface to the image and will enable you to add color with your paint pens or Sharpie markers very easily, and with the white background from the paint marker, the colors will be look more vibrant.

2)  Using an opaque paint marker go over any images or backgrounds that you would like to add more color to.  Wait for the white paint to dry.

3)  After the paint is completely dry (wait at least ½ hour after application), refer to your picture to select paint pens that are similar to the original colors and fill them in.  Use an Ultra Fine Black Sharpie to add details like eyes to the little animals and also to outline anything on your rock.




Watch the video below entitled...

 Gardening Animals Rock - PART 4 

"Adding Stenciled Flowers to Outer Edges of your Rock Painting”

In the video above PART 4, I will demonstrate the use of stencils in rock painting.

Stencils are a great tool to add other images to a rock painting.  Use a small flower and leaf stencil to add to your rock’s edges. 

Adding additional flowers and leaves to the outer edges of a rock gives the finished rock painting depth, character and originality.

In order to do this, I used a self-adhering flower stencil and moved it around the edges to trace the leaves and flowers.  After tracing them onto the rock, I simply colored them in with my Sharpie markers.



Watch the video below entitled...

Gardening Animals Rock Painting - PART 5 

"Adding Color to Your Rock Using Paint Pens & Sharpies"

This step might seem to be similar to PART 4 as it demonstrates the use of stencils in rock painting.  I would just consider it an addendum to PART 4.

Here in PART 5, I will demonstrate how to add small flowers and leaves to the outer edges of my rock to add depth and color using art markers.

You can use stencils to trace the flowers and leaves but if you don't have a stencil, you can just add them freehand because they are not that difficult to draw.  Just follow the directions below...

To draw flowers and leaves freehand use a thin black fine point Sharpie to make a flower by just drawing a small circle surrounded by 5 loops.  A small leaf is just two brackets "( )" connected.


Mod Podge Matte Gel Medium

Painting Flowers on Rocks

White acrylic paint


Reynolds Kitchen Freezer Paper

Inkjet Printer

Arteza Paint Pens

Sharpie Permanent Markers

Sharpie Ultra Fine Black Marker (for outlines)

Art Markers

Shuttle Art Markers

Peel and Stick Flower Stencil

Leaf and Ivy Stencil


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