Friday, November 11, 2022

ROCK PAINTING TUTORIAL #14 - Stained Glass Angel Theme

Hi and thank you for joining me to learn how to create a beautiful stained glass themed angel rock painting.  I hope you will find this fun and informative.

In the videos below on this page, I will show you how to take a stained-glass themed picture of an angel and transfer it onto a rock.  After it's been transferred, you can use acrylic paint pens to color it.

To make a rock like this you will need the following... 

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Stained Glass Themed Angel Rock

1.  Before you begin transferring the image, prepare your rock by painting it with a base coat of white acrylic paint two or three times, letting it dry in between coats.

2.  Find a picture you would like to transfer onto a rock by using the following method here...  Use a search engine like PINTEREST or Google and search for terms like 'stained glass angel' or 'stained glass nativity'.  Hit 'Enter'.  Your results should look something like this...

Search results for 'stained glass nativity'
using the PINTEREST search engine

After you get the results, look directly under the search box and hover over 'Images' and left click with your mouse.  You should see a variety of images of stained-glass angels that you can make your selection from.  Select 'Copy image' as shown below...

3.  In another window, open up a new WORD PROCESSING document, or have one open before you begin.

4.  Go back to your stained-glass angel image search.  Did you choose an angel picture you would like to transfer to your rock?  I thought this one would be nice for a future rock that I will paint...

5.  After you choose your image, hover over the 'Image' you have selected with your mouse.  'Right click' on the image and select 'Copy Image' by clicking on it.

6.  Flip back into the blank Word Processing document, and 'right click' again.  This time, select 'Paste'.  Your image will appear in the blank WP document.

7.  Resize it by clicking on the image and moving the black outline that appears around the image back and forth with your mouse.  The image will be true to size as it appears on the screen so use that as a guide to make it the correct size for the rock you will be painting.

8.  Print out your image, so that you can proceed to trace it onto your rock's surface.  It does not have to be printed in color but use the picture's colors as a guide for applying your paint or marker to the rock when you are ready.

9.   Place a piece of your graphite transfer paper on top of your rock which has been painted with several coats of white paint (make sure the white paint is dry before doing this).   Follow the directions on the box to make sure the graphite paper is facing the right way to accept the transfer.
10.  Now you can place your printed image on top of the transfer paper and secure both pieces to your rock using Scotch tape.  It's a good idea not to skip this step because the tape will keep the papers from sliding around and will give you a great result. 
11.   With a pen or pencil go over the lines directly on your image to trace it onto your rock. 
12.  After each line is covered, remove the papers to reveal the image on your rock.  Watch the videos below for more details on this process...
Here is the link to the picture I selected for the rock in the videos below...

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You can now buy rocks online!
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