Hello and welcome to my blog all about the wonderful world of painting on rocks!

I painted my first rock when I was about 10 years old in upstate New York while on vacation with my two best friends.  Here is the story of the first rock I ever painted...

If you are looking for a hobby or just want to try a new craft, painting rocks can be a great way to express your creativity and bring many hours of relaxation and joy to your life.

On this blog "Painting Rocks!" I will share with you the techniques I use to paint my rocks.  So if you're interested in learning how to paint rocks, especially if you think you can't paint, please refer to the page link above entitled 'Rock Painting Tutorials'.

The directions should be clear and I think they will be outlined step-by-step for each rock painting that I have included in a tutorial so that if you would like to create a similar rock it will be easy for you to do.

My wish is for you to enjoy the great hobby of painting rocks and since you can basically paint anywhere using my methods, and also

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You can now buy rocks online!

You can now buy rocks online!
These are great for a rock painting party! (click on picture)