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BUTTERFLY FAIRY ROCK - "How to Transfer a Fairy Image to a Rock"

Hi and welcome to my rock painting blog!  Thank you for joining me for this rock painting tutorial, it is my hope that you will find it fun and informative.

If you follow the directions outlined below, you will be able to create a rock just like the one pictured here...


Before you begin

with the detailed STEP #’s below, you should do the following…

1.  Find a rock you want to paint, making sure it's the right size and shape for your image.  Wash and dry your rock.

2.  Paint the rock with two coats of white acrylic paint with a foam paint brush.

3.  Select a picture you would like on your rock and print it out onto computer paper.

You may want to watch the videos and read the articles in the section below for more information about these pre-steps 1, 2, and 3 above.


REFERENCE ARTICLES & VIDEOS for more detailed information

To learn how to find and download any image into a word processing document, resize it and print it out refer to the following article (click on underlined link):

Learn How to Find and Print Pictures after Downloading into Word Processing Documents” 

How to Transfer an Image to a Rock Using White Acrylic Paint and Mod Podge” 

"How to Transfer an Image with White Paint and Mod Podge"

"Revealing the Image" "Using Paint Markers to Apply Color"

"Adding Stenciled Flowers to Outer Edges of your Rock Painting

"Adding Color to Your Rock Using Paint Pens & Sharpies"

*Please note the following:

- The video links above may also be linked below in the STEPS outlined below however, I just wanted to group them together in the beginning of this post so that you can get a general idea of what the procedure is.

-  Also noteworthy, the video or article links above in this section could possibly be from different rock painting tutorials so the image may be different, but the procedure will be the same. 

- Check below for SUPPLY list and links to my other rock painting tutorials.

- If you have any questions, please leave them in the 'Comments' section below this post. 

- Thank you so much for being here!  I hope you find this fun and informative.


So, now that you have a general idea of what is involved and you have watched some of the above videos above or read the articles, you are ready to begin!

Are you ready to paint a beautiful fairy rock???  Let’s go…


STEP #1:

   Deciding on a fairy image

There are so many fairy pictures available on the Internet that this may very well be the hardest part of your rock painting!

Whatever you want to paint on your rock, using the method outlined in this blog post will require finding an image to transfer.  In order to do that, I have linked an article below in this section for you to read more details on this process.

- To make a fairy rock design like the one in this tutorial, use your favorite search engine (I like PINTEREST) and in the search bar type words or phrases such as 'fairy illustrations', 'butterfly fairy', 'stained glass fairy' or 'flower and fairy coloring book pages.'

Here, once again, is a link to the article that will provide more detail about this...

“Learn How to Find and Print Pictures after Downloading into Word Processing Documents” (you may have already read this because it is included in the pre-steps section)

After you have found the image, you are going to transfer, you will print it out from your word processing document and then move on to STEP 2.

STEP #2:

   Print your image and transfer picture to your rock

Remember to print the image in reverse because it will be dried into the white paint face down.  You could reverse the image in the print commands on your computer before printing if you would like to do it that way too, either way works.

Here is a picture of the image I printed out for this rock painting before I transferred it.  Notice how it is facing the opposite way from the actual painting (pictured at the top of this page).

'Butterfly Fairy' Image
used for this tutorial
found on PINTEREST


Another way to get a fairy image is to purchase a book of images.  When you receive the physical book, you can take a picture of any of the pages with your phone or camera.

If you then upload the picture to your computer, you can download the image to a word processing document by saving it using copy and paste commands.

Then resize it in word processing (watch the video linked in STEP 1 above) and print it out.  This way you can print the image more than once to transfer them and make many rocks! 

Fairy Coloring Books
like this one
are available online
(Click link to learn more)

STEP #3:

   Place the image onto rock’s surface to dry

Paint another coat of white acrylic paint onto your rock surface.  Do NOT let this coat dry before moving on.

Now it may sound a little crazy, but...  put a coat of the white acrylic paint on the inked side (yes, the inked side) of the image.

While both the rock’s surface and the picture are wet with their respective coats of white paint, turn the image upside down onto the rock’s surface.

Try not to move the paper at all because this will smudge the ink.  Once it is in place, secure the paper to the rock using Scotch tape to hold it steady so that it won’t slip.

Rub the back side of the paper gently with your fingertips and smooth out the paper.  Make sure every part of the inked surface of the picture is touching the rock’s surface.

Let it dry overnight.

After the image is thoroughly dried onto the rock’s surface you are ready to reveal your image (see STEP #4 below...)


STEP #4:

Reveal the image by peeling off the paper

As I stated above in the last paragraph of STEP #3, you should now be at the point where the ink from your image has dried into the paint on the rock's surface.

Now we have to get the paper off which can be a bit time consuming.  However, if this step is done correctly, you will have a great image to work on so take your time and be patient with this step.

Interestingly, one sheet of computer paper has seven layers!  So, we will have to take it off layer by layer.  

To start this process, you will need a paint brush and some clean water.  Dip the paint brush in the clean water and then apply the water to the back side of the image (which is facing up). 

You will see the image start to appear once it is wet.  Isn't that fun??  I think it is anyway, lol! This wetting/drying process is loosening the top layers of paper at the same time leaving the ink on the rock's surface for you to use as a base image for your painting. 

Repeat the process above at least five more times.  Make sure you let the water dry in between applying it.  Around the sixth time you coat the back with water you should start to see little pills of the paper come off.

Let it dry once this 'pilling' starts.  Continue to rub the paper off gently with your index finger until most of it comes off and you have a good base image.

Once the image is easy to see and most of the paper is off, you are ready to color it in with your art markers or acrylic paints!




Rocks for Painting

Inkjet Printer

Computer Paper

Mod Podge Matte Gel Medium

Painting Flowers on Rocks

White Acrylic Paint


Arteza Paint Pens

Sharpie Permanent Markers

Sharpie Ultra Fine Black Marker (for outlines)

Art Markers

Shuttle Art Markers

Peel and Stick Flower Stencil

Leaf and Ivy Stencil

Deco Art White Paint Pen

Paint Markers


Supplies Sidenote:   Not all of the above products will be needed for this particular tutorial. I have linked to some supplies that I use in my rock paintings so that you can have access to some of my favorite products, but you can find most of these in your local craft store.

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