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ROCK PAINTING TUTORIAL #11 - Strawberry Fairy Rock - "How to Paint a Fairy Rock Using a Coloring Book Page"

 In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to download a fairy coloring book page into a word processing document so that the image can be traced onto a rock.  When this project is complete, you should have a rock painting similar to this one in the picture below...

Strawberry Fairy Rock
by nancymaggielee

Once you download the fairy image to word processing (using a copy and paste method outlined in the directions below), you can resize it and print it out so that it can be traced onto the surface of a rock.

Since the method of transfer, we will be using for this rock painting tutorial, you can, of course, buy a fairy coloring book to use in this project.  However, if you would like to find free fairy mages that can be traced onto a rock's surface, the instructions are outlined step by step in the DIRECTIONS below.

Are you ready???  Let's go paint a beautiful fairy rock!...

You can use a book like the one pictured below to trace fairy pictures onto rocks...

Butterfly Stained Glass Coloring Book
(click link to view on Amazon)


1.  First you will need an image to trace.  To find a free fairy image to trace, log on to Pinterest or go to your favorite search engine like Duck Duck Go.

2.  In the search bar at the top of the page type something to the effect of 'fairy coloring book page' or 'butterfly fairy stained glass coloring book pageand hit 'Enter'.  Your search results should look like the image pictured here ...

Search results in Duck Duck Go for
'butterfly fairies stained glass coloring book page'
(Select 'Images' under the search bar)

3.  Using your mouse, hover over the fairy image you would like to use for your fairy rock painting and 'left click' over the picture.  It will appear larger at the top of the screen.

4.  Now, hovering over the larger version of the fairy image at the top of the page, use your mouse and 'right click' over the image.  Select 'Copy image' from the choices (see this outlined in the picture above in Step 3).

5.  In another window, open up a blank word processing document and select 'Paste'.  Now your image will appear in the word processing document.

6.  To resize your image to fit your project, simply hover over the picture in the WP document and 'left click' on the corner.  A black line will appear around the image (see PART 2 video below).  With your mouse on the image's corner, move it back and forth to make it bigger or smaller.  The picture on the screen will be true to size for your project, so now you can hold your canvas up to the screen to see how large or small you need it to be.

Watch the two videos below to see Step 6 outlined in real time for you...

Strawberry Fairy Rock Painting Tutorial
"How to Print an Image from a Word Processing Document"

Strawberry Fairy Rock Painting Tutorial
"How to Resize an Image in Word Processing"

7.  Place a piece of graphite paper (which is just like a carbon paper) between the rock's surface and the image you are going to trace.  Make sure the graphite paper is facing the right way as there are two sides...

Graphite Paper
(click link to learn more)

8.  Secure both papers to the rock's surface with Scotch tape.   See picture below...

9.  Using a blue or red pen, trace the image by going over the outlines of the image you have secured to the rock.

10.  Color your image in with paint pens, art markers, or Sharpies.  You can also use acrylic paints and a brush if you want to paint the color onto the rock.  I personally like the precision of art markers and pens for this step.  Have fun!!!

11.  Seal your rock with a weather resistant sealer.  Give it at least three coats, letting it dry between each coat.

12.  Remember to always...

Be creative and be happy!

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