Saturday, January 22, 2022

How to Paint a Rock using Stencils

The stencil method outlined in this blog post makes it possible for anyone to paint a flower rock.  There are many different methods that can be used to paint flowers, but stencils can really simplify the process.

So, if you are someone who has always wanted to paint flowers on a rock but thought you didn't have any artistic skills, then this is the rock painting tutorial for you!   Using this method, you will be able to paint a rock just like the one pictured here...

Irises & Hollyhocks
painted rock by nancymaggielee

Flower stencils make it easy to get a base image onto a rock that can be embellished with paint pens later, and the instructions on how to do this will be included in a video below on this page entitled...

The step-by-step DIRECTIONS will also be found below and should be numbered clearly for your easy reference.

If you do have any questions though, please don't hesitate to leave them in the 'Comments' section on this blog post and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Below on this page I have provided a list of the SUPPLIES (below) I used in this project with links to where you can purchase most of them online for your convenience.  

The rock displayed above was made years ago, therefore the stencil I used may not be available at the time you purchase one, so I wanted to include link to a website where you can purchase other large flower stencils like the one pictured here...

Designer Stencils
(click link to learn more)

Rock Painter T-shirt


  1. Find a rock you want to paint, making sure it's the right size and shape for your image.  Wash and dry your rock.
  2. Paint the rock with two coats of gray acrylic paint with a foam paint brush.  You can also use black acrylic paint or dark green as well, as long as the background looks like it could be found in nature.  The gray background makes it look like slate, but a green background can make it look like the normal background in a flower bed in between the leaves.
  3. After the dark background paint is good and dry, take your flower stencil and place it on top of the rock's surface.  Use Scotch tape to secure it to the rock so that the stencil will stay in place...
  4. Using a stencil brush and white acrylic paint, tap your paint onto the dark background.  This will allow whatever color you are going to use to pop when you color over the initial image that has been stenciled in white.
  5. After the stencil design in white paint has dried, use your art pens to add color.  You can use Sharpies or Arteza paint pens or whatever permanent ink you desire.
  6. After your rock dries completely, spray with a weather resistant sealer at least three times, allowing it to dry in between.
  7. Watch "How to Paint a Rock with Stencils below...


Paint Tray

Rocks for Painting

Gray Paint for Background

Foam Paint Brushes (for painting background)

White Acrylic Paint

Red Acrylic Paint

Green Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint Assorted Colors

Flower Stencil (Sunflowers)

Stencil Brushes

Scotch Tape

Black Fine Point Sharpies

Arteza Paint Pens

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