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WILDFLOWERS ROCK - "Using Transfer Paper to Trace Flowers onto a Rock"

In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to use a picture of a page from a flower coloring book to create a beautiful floral rock painting like the one pictured here...

Coloring book pages work great for this project because the lines are very defined and can be easily traced with transfer paper.

You can find coloring book pages on PINTEREST by going into the search bar on that site and typing in terms such as 'flower coloring book pages', 'floral coloring book', 'wildflowers coloring book page' or any other term you would like to look for along those lines.

You can use any search engine of your choice and type in the phrases in the above paragraph to find pictures of flowers to trace.  Be sure to select 'Images' from the choices under the search bar if using a search engine other than PINTEREST.

Since PINTEREST is a visual search engine, that's what I used to find the image below...

The coloring book page
I used for this painted rock
found on PINTEREST

There is also a wide variety of coloring books online.  Instead of searching online for pictures, just take a picture of a page that you want to use for a rock painting and print it out onto paper so that it can be traced over and over again...


You can use any 
flower picture that you have, but if you would like to find free flower images that can be traced onto a rock surface, then follow the numbered steps in the DIRECTIONS below.

In addition, you may want to read the articles or watch the videos I have linked directly below this picture before you start your project.  This may be very helpful to give you a general overview of this process before you begin...

"Where Can I Find Rocks to Paint/Gathering Supplies"

"Learn How to Find and Print Pictures after Downloading into Word Processing Documents

You can also watch this video which is a general overview of the DIRECTIONS below...

Are you ready???  Let's go paint a beautiful rock!...


Before you begin:   Paint your rock's surface with white acrylic paint.  Dry thoroughly.

1.  Log into PINTEREST or use whatever your favorite search engine may be.

2.  In the search bar at the top of the page type in 'floral coloring book page" and hit 'Enter'.  Your search results should look something like the image here...

3.  Scroll down and try to decide which image to use.  Try to match the shape of your image to the shape of your rock so that the whole surface will be covered.

4.  Use your mouse and 'left click' as you hover over the picture you would like to use for your flower rock painting.

5.  It will appear larger at the top of the page (always save your image from a larger picture so that you get the best definition).

6.  While hovering over the larger picture of your flowers at the top of the page, use your mouse to 'right click' over the image.  Select 'Copy image' from the choices.

7.  In another window open a word processing document (or preferably have one already open and waiting).  Once in the blank word processing document select 'Paste'.  The image you selected will appear.

8.  'Left click' on the image in the word processing document.  A black line will appear around the border of the image.

9.  Hold your rock up to the screen if possible.   In the word processing document your image will be true to life.  Resize your flower image by moving the mouse up and down after clicking on a corner of the black line border.

10. Print your image onto regular computer paper.

11.  Take a piece of graphite transfer paper and place it on top of your rock surface that has been dried with white acrylic paint. 

12.  Position your printed flower image on top of the transfer paper and use a pen to go over the lines and trace the flower image onto the rock's surface.

13.  Color your image in with paint pens, art markers, or Sharpies.  You can also use acrylic paints and a brush if you want to paint the color onto the rock.  I personally like the precision of art markers and pens for this step.  Have fun!!!

14.  Seal your rock with a weather resistant sealer.  Give it at least three coats, letting it dry between each coat.

15.  Remember to always...

Be creative and be happy!

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